Boost for farmers as fertiliser prices fall

FARMERS have seen some savings in their pockets with the price of fertiliser falling in recent weeks.

Prices of fertiliser have dropped as low as €240 to €290 for a large bag of CAN in North Leinster, down from €306 to €355 during May last year.

However, most retailers are quoting €250 up to €290 in Munster, or up to €295 in South Leinster

The price of fertiliser has been a bone of contention in farming circles, with the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) warning further savings on the price of fertiliser are being held back by high EU tariffs.

Farmers have experienced a cold spring with slow grass growth and a delay in spring planting which has held back some sales.

The IFA’s Fintan Conway said prices are expected to fall further in line with international wholesale prices.

A survey shows a large bag of 18-6-12 delivered to the farmyard varies in price from €345 to €420 in North Leinster, compared with €420 to €445 during the same month last year. Retailers are currently quoting €348 to €430 in South Leinster, €355 to €420 in Munster, €364 to €435 in Connacht and €352 to €430 in Ulster.

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